3 Myths About Manifestation

There are a lot of myths about manifestation out there, and sadly is that many people belives in them and this hinders their ability to manifest their desires.

Many people have some false beliefs about manifestation that can interfere with their ability to realize their goals and manifest their dreams. in this post, I am going to share with you the 3 most common myths about manifestation.

Manifestation is Just Positive Thinking

This is a myth. A lot of people think that, if you just believe a positive thought that will automatically happen, it will simply manifest because you want it to.

While optimism and positive thinking are certainly part of the manifestation process, it also requires a lot more.

Manifestation is Just About Setting Intention

Again, intention IS a part of manifestation, but it does not accomplish the whole job. Your intentions help you to clarify what you want and to focus your energies. But, to achieve anything substantive, you must also put action toward your dreams.

Manifestation Always Results in Positive Outcomes

This is not true, you manifest everything that is happening in your life, the negative, and the positive. Without even realizing it, you have manifested many things in your life, including some that are not so pleasant.

You can manifest negative outcomes just as easily as positive ones, depending on your mindset, outlook, and beliefs. You can manifest hate, deprivation, and anger if those are the energies and ideas you put out into the world.

I can hear that you ask ´How can someone manifest something negative in their life?´ The issue here is that most people do this without even realizing it.

When something bad happens to your life you will keep playing that thing many times in your head, and when you keep thinking about it more bad things will start appearing in your life, the universe is just trying to bring to you the situation and events to affirm what you are thinking about.

So those are the 3 most common myths about manifestation? which one did you use to believe? let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.