32 Affirmations For Love and Marriage

Most people I know want to attract love and marriage, if this is you and you want to attract someone for love, romantic relationship, and marriage then these 32 affirmations for love and marriage are for you.

Can affirmations help you to find love?

I believe that affirmations can change the way you think, hence can change your life, remember you are what you think all the time. So my answer is yes, affirmations will help you to rewire your brain and the way you think, and this will help you out to find the perfect lover for you.

Do love and marriage affirmations are gender-specific?

No, these affirmations are not gender-specific and it does not matter what type of marriage are you looking for, just use them and they will work for you.

32 Affirmations For Love and Marriage

  1. Marriage is my goal and I am ready for it now.
  2. I am open to marriage and am attracting my partner now.
  3. I am divinely guided in my search for my ideal soul mate.
  4. I believe that marriage is the union of two souls and I am ready for the union now.
  5. My perfect match has already been chosen and he’s coming for me right at this moment.
  6. I love that my marriage is becoming deeper, stronger, and more loving every day.
  7. My spouse loves and accepts me just as I am.
  8. I thrive and enjoy being in a loving, supportive, and happy marriage.
  9. I feel safe and secure with my partner.
  10. I adore being loved and wanted by my partner.
  11. I love being in love and loved by my spouse.
  12. My marriage is becoming deeper and stronger each day.
  13. I enjoy the safety and security of my loving marriage.
  14. I am basking in the love, security, and trust of my marriage.
  15. I am savoring the feeling of being loved and cherished by my spouse.
  16. I understand that marriage is pure bliss and I have achieved it.
  17. I am loved. I am enough. I am strong.
  18. I am with the love of my life. We treat each other with respect.
  19. My love (and/or marriage) grows stronger every day.
  20. I exhale negativity and inhale happiness.
  21. Today I will continue to create the foundation of a happy and loving relationship.
  22. A happy partnership is supportive, balanced, and affectionate.
  23. Happiness begins with me and me alone. I have the power to create my own happiness.
  24. I am perfectly happy in my marriage and do my best to make it work and last forever.
  25. My marriage is protected by the powerful love my partner and I have for each other.
  26. My spouse is my best friend.
  27. My marriage will stay strong for the rest of our lives.
  28. I accept that a warm, loving, committed marriage is mine right now.
  29. I love loving and being loved by my mate.
  30. I enjoy being loved and treasured by my amazing, kind, and generous partner.
  31. I accept perfect divine love right now.
  32. I go through life knowing how loved I am.


Final words

That is it, those are 33 affirmations for love and marriage, just pick out 3-5 affirmations that are resonating with you, write them down, read them to yourself 3 times a day, in a short time you will start to attract the right kind of romantic relationship that could end up in a marriage.

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