40 New Moon Affirmations

I believe that affirmations can change the way you think, hence can change your life, remember you are what you think all the time. In this post, I am going to share with you 40 new moon affirmations that you can use to manifest your dream life during the new moon.

Why it is important to manifest during the new moon?

The new moon is a perfect time to hit that reset button and open yourself up to new beginnings. The new moon represents new beginnings, but also an end and an inner transformation.

During the new moon, everything is dark and quiet, yet full of tension. However, a small spot of light begins to grow in this darkness. New ideas, fresh thoughts, or creativity begin to grow and flourish, and it’s a great time to start something new.

40 New Moon Affirmations

 Before we go into the affirmations, I will recommend you to choose 3-5 affirmations that resonate with you and repeat them to yourself or in your journal on a daily basis. Incorporate their meaning into the context of your life. 

  1. I see my goals clearly.
  2. I feel joy as if my goals are already manifested.
  3. I allow love to fill me
  4. I release what no longer serves me.
  5. I am open to my highest good.
  6. I invite clarity into life.
  7. I am aligned with the frequency of my desires.
  8. I break free of limitations.
  9. I AM divinely filled and supported.
  10. I shine my light and confidently in the night shattering all darkness that arises.
  11. I choose to break free from negative routines today.
  12. I AM manifesting all the good that aligns with my soul purpose.
  13. I invite abundance and prosperity into my life.
  14. My soul steps forward guiding me through this journey.
  15. I attract new, healthy relationships and habits into my life.
  16. I send loving intentions to the universe. For what I share, I shall receive.
  17. I am on the edge of becoming.
  18. I am ready to grow into a higher version of myself.
  19. I am open to the sacred nature of life.
  20. I trust that I am fully supported by the universe.
  21. I am ready to manifest order and function in my life.
  22. I choose to remember that I am always powerful
  23. I am ready to release shadows to be seen and felt.
  24. I am worthy.
  25. I allow clarity into what I am now choosing to create
  26. I send gratitude to every cell in my body.
  27. I manifest all I need with ease.
  28. I am accountable for what I want.
  29. I honor my own process.
  30. I am aligned with the universe.
  31. I am stepping into the path of self-discovery
  32. I am open to the truth.
  33. I throw old ideas and beliefs out the window and start new 
  34. I am full of endless potential.
  35. I co-create my life with joy and passion
  36. I remove clutter from my path to find my way.
  37. I am beginning a new exciting path of self-discovery
  38. My dreams and desires effortlessly manifest into the now.
  39. I invite wealth, order, and prosperity into my life.
  40. I intend to make my wishes come true.


Final words

So those are 40 new moon affirmations, my recommendation is that choose 3-5 affirmations that resonate with you and repeat them to yourself during the new moon and you will see a lot of new beginning in your life.