5 Steps to Work On Your Character Defects

Everybody has at least one character defect. It is how you go about it and how you choose to mitigate or change your bad habits, that define you as a person.

Life is non-linear and non- stagnant, and nobody is perfect. Keeping that in mind, be gentle to yourself and open your mind as you discover your character defects and work towards changing them.

What Are Character Defects?

They are seemingly harmful or toxic traits hindering your growth and providing issues for you in your life. It could be a vice, habits, or a way of thinking. It is something that you have possibly recognized as a problem area that you would like to fix.

How To Change My Personality

Personality changes don’t happen overnight. It is a long game. As humans, we spend most of our lives changing and evolving; the main thing is to acknowledge and work on what you see as an issue in your life and take action to fix it.

Personality has to do with your mind and the way you think. Here are some steps and things to think about as you work on overcoming what you believe is holding you back.

5 Steps To Work On Your Character Defects

Progress Not Perfection

Nobody is perfect, and we spend the majority of our lives working to better ourselves. The goal is to start the process chase this idea of making progress, not finding the solution. It is the steps you take towards the solution that count.

Although time is linear, remember that progress and life are very much non-linear in how and when events in life happen. It’s okay if something doesn’t work. The goal is to keep trying.

Replace Behavior

Replace malicious behavior with positive behavior. Instead of doing destructive activities, replace those with alternative tasks that you can, in a sense, use to distract yourself, It can be something productive, but it doesn’t need to be.

The goal is for it to be less harmful than whatever it is you are trying to replace. This will do one of two things.

It will rewire your brain until eventually you won’t focus or crave that harmful activity, and two, it would provide you less time to think about such.


Don’t give up. Continuously seek the idea of wanting to change and improve yourself as a person. This isn’t something that will be fixed overnight but an ongoing process.

We will spend our whole lives improving and becoming better versions of ourselves each time. It won’t be perfect, but the idea is to chase progress, not perfection.

Let Go

Let go of old negative behaviors from your past—work towards conquering past pain so that you may move forward.

Let go of the things that stop you from moving forward, making you bitter or bear a grudge, and in general, anything that is not making you happy.

Taking off that bitter edge will allow you to excel forward and give up things in your life that no longer serve you.


Envision what you want for yourself and who you want to be. By essentially making yourself a role model for yourself, you provide yourself something to strive towards.

Control your narrative. You can become the type of person you want to be. You have the power to change what makes up you. Not instantly, but over time.

Everybody has something that could be considered a character defect. Nobody is perfect, and we are continually growing and evolving.

By identifying where our problem areas are and making a plan towards fixing them, we will be better able to control our own narrative allowing us to live longer, healthier lives.

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