7 Things That Are Holding Back Your Manifestation

We all want to manifest our dream, but sometimes we can not achieve, why is that? In today’s post, I am going to share with you 7 things that are holding back your manifestation.

The truth is the law of attraction is your willing servant if only you would treat it as such. Unfortunately, we have several things which get in the way of really allowing it to flow into our life and support what we truly want as opposed to what we don’t want.


7 things that are holding back your manifestation

Here are the 7 things which block the flow and hold us back from attracting what we want. The secret is knowing these 7 things is to actually work on eliminating these things from our lives. From there it’s all fun and manifesting becomes quite easy.

1) Negative People 

We can all attest to have conversations or being in the company of others whose outlook on life can be quite dismal.

It is painful to let go of those people as some of those people may very well be family members but truly you know it, the negativity is not unlike having a led ball chained to your ankles.

2) Your Limited Beliefs

Yes, whatever old believes you hold dear to you may be causing destruction in your life. You have to become aware of what they are in order to move on to a higher energetic flow. Poor limited beliefs equal a poor limited existence.

3) Dwelling on the Past

There is nothing totally wrong with reminiscing on the past but the danger lies in spending hours upon hours recalling things that are painful, limited, and destructive. As you get caught up in the destructive thought pattern it active the law of attraction and once again begins to attract the same old conations to your life.

4) Resentment

This is a great energy leak. It does nothing for you but keeps you dwelling on circumstances that are not only in the past but are out of your control. Learn to accept what has happened by seeing the lesson that situation taught you then let it go and move on.

5) Inflexibility

You must stay open in order to allow the law of attraction to work miracles in your life. From the vantage point where you now are you cannot see the path too clearly but your own higher self and the universe as a better gauge.

Being open allows your desire to come through in wonderful and mysterious ways. Don’t worry about the how just focus on the what.

6) Desperately Wanting

Ever notice what is happening to you when you are deeply wanting something? When you feel a great need to have something you are feeling lack, and desperate, and needy.

As you are experiencing those feelings you are activating the law of attraction to give you more of what you are presently feeling and guess what you will be getting? You will get more opportunities to feel needy, desperate, and lacking.

Ask yourself how would it feel to now have what I want? That is the feeling that you need to focus upon and feel all the time.

7) Your fears

Your inner fears are all faulty illusions that appear real. You fear what has not yet happened and that is quite damaging to the attraction process.

Let go of the fear because really what you fear has not happened and won’t happen unless you begin to entertain it in which case you will again be activating the law of attraction to give you those very same situations that you don’t want.


Final words

That is it, those are 7 things that are holding back your manifestation, let them go and you will increase your manifesting power, Happy manifestation

Thank you for reading.

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