9 Signs That Manifestation Is Close

When you set your manifestation desires to the universe, the universe will start working in your favor, and when the manifestation is close the universe with start giving you some signs, you just need to pay attention, today we are going to discuss 9 signs that manifestation is close.

Signs that manifestation is close

1- Angel Number Signs Of Manifestation

angel numbers

The first, most obvious sign your manifestation is coming soon is that you start to see angel numbers.

What are Angel Numbers?

In numerology, a sequential repetition of numbers is referred to as angel numbers and operates under the idea that each number is connected to a vibrational frequency because everything is energy.

So when you suddenly start to see repeating numbers like 333, 555, and 1111, it is the universe trying to tell you that your manifestations in close.

 The most common angel number that you will see while waiting on manifestations is 1111, which means you’ve been heard and your manifestation is on its way.

So if you start to see 1111 after asking the Universe for help, get excited! Your desires are coming!

2-You feel at ease about it

When you set intentions for your manifestation you were feeling a little bit anxious about it, but from nowhere you start to feel relaxed and at ease about it.

When you feel calm the universe knows that it is time to deliver, this is the state most people call the receiving mode, this means you have done your part and the universe is doing its part and soon you will receive your manifestation.

3-It is everywhere

This happens to me many times, you want to manifest something, and then you start to see it everywhere, your relatives start to talk about it, you open the tv they are talking about it, you go to the mall you hear strangers talking about the same thing.

This might sound strange or coincidence but it is a clear sign that your manifestation is close.

4-You start dreaming about it

Dreams are one of the ways that the universe is trying to send messages to us, when you start dreaming about your manifestation, it is a time to take a not, the universe is sending you a message.

Dreams are awesome, and if you don’t already do this, then I’d suggest you start keeping a dream journal.

When your manifestation is close (physically speaking, since we know it’s really already done) you begin to have dreams that show you you have it already.

5-Moments of Deja Vu

This is another sign that your manifestation is close, you start having moments of Deja Vu. You begin to get a sense of having been where you are before. This is one of the ways that your Self shows you what you want is done.

When you start having those moments this is a clear indication that your manifestation is very close.

6-A sense of excitement

We all have those moments when you feel very excited for no apparent reason, you have that feeling of accomplishment or like something big is about to happen.  

You can trust that! You need to trust that feeling. It’s a message from your soul to you. The feeling is the soul’s language. Learn to trust it, if you don’t already.

7-People dropping out of your life

We all have some people in our life who are blocking our manifestation, when you start to see some people start removing themselves from your life it is a clear sign that your manifestation is closer.

Do you want to manifest true love, but you still chart with your ex, and one day you wake up they blocked you for no reason or some of your friends and relatives suddenly stop communicating with you, this is the universe trying to clear a path for your manifestation.

What is the universe is doing here is preparing a room for other people to enter your life, you need to clear the space for them and the universe is doing this for you.

8- The Universe Tests You

This is my least favorite sign when your manifestation is you might face some stumbling blocks, for example, you are manifesting money and before you get it one your close relative gets sick and you have to help them with a medical bill, your business revenue drops a lot, you get fired from your job, etc.

All those things mentioned are bad at first, and most people will start to question everything about manifestation but it is a way the universe forces you to take action, most people take action when they are outside of their comfort zone and the universe is pushing you there.

Yes losing your job sucks, I know that I have lost many of them when I needed them the most, but maybe your job is not going to give you the money you want to manifest, so by losing it you will be forced to start your own business and manifest the financial freedom you always wanted.


9-Start to get deeper meaning in the messages you see

You have seen the NIKE slogan ‘Just Do It’ for the whole of your life but this time you see it and it gives you a different vibe, it makes you want to take action, this is the sign that your manifestation is close.

You see sometimes you can be walking on the street and words from a T-shirt worn by complete stranger and those words will stay in your head for days.

Or your listening to the same music that you listen to every day and suddenly that the lyrics have a different meaning to you.

When your mind starts to get deeper meaning in the messages you see or hear every day that is the indication that your manifestation is close.

Final words

So those are 9 signs that manifestation is close, how many of those signs you have been seeing lately? let me know in the comment section below. Thank you for reading.

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