Eight Ways to Communicate with your Guardian Angels

Most of us have heard of Guardian Angels. However, we probably relate them to the stuff of fairy tales or religion. We may be remember being told stories about them as kids.

What if you knew that you had your very own guardian angel assigned to you before you were born? A guardian angel is like a sort of spiritual, divine life coach. It takes an active interest in your life and ensuring you navigate your experience on earth to the best of your ability.

Our guardian angels act as protectors and nurturers. They follow us as we go about our lives and making sure that we are on track and living our highest good.

The angels are quietly intervening when necessary, fulfilling what they need to do to assist us. Angels are not limited to one faith and anyone of any religion or spiritual belief. It can tune into the energy of the angels, should they wish to.

There have been many stories throughout the time of divine intervention, moments that were at a crucial moment in their lives. People report the appearance of strangers, who magically seem to provide help.

Leading them to safety and then promptly disappearing. Might these be angels appearing to us briefly in our hour of need?

A key part of understanding angelic guidance is to connect with the angels and spirit guides that surround us purposefully.

They are willing to support you; all you have to do is ask. We live in a world of free will, so you do have to make your desire for their support known. Ways that you can use to open the channels of communication between you and your Angel.

1. Ask clearly


Our guardian angels are able to help us on our life paths in a number of ways, big and small. Anything from getting through a job interview to healing childhood trauma.

From finding your soul mate to surviving a difficult or dangerous situation. The best way to begin your relationship with your angels is to ensure you are asking clearly for help.

You can do this by meditating for a little while first, to clear your mind. Center your energy, then gently in your mind, ask for their help with a specific issue.

2. Remain Open

Eight Ways to Communicate with your Guardian Angels

As with the law of attraction, manifestations tend to occur when we are unattached to their outcome. The energy of the universe, the longer you actually hold it apart from you.

When you release your expectations of how you believe your angels will reveal themselves and their guidance. The more likely that guidance will flow into your life in unexpected ways.

3. Request a Sign

You might want to consider choosing a specific object or image that means something to you as a way of receiving communication.

Either write down the specific object in a journal, meditate on it. Focus on it in prayer and ask your angels to show you the object or symbol.

Choose anything from a colored feather to a daisy or a red balloon or a blue butterfly. It’s up to you. Just release the image from your mind and wait for the sign to appear to you in its own time.

4. Write a letter


It can be very cathartic to write down your feelings and emotions. Likewise, requesting guidance in a letter with regards to a specific problem in your life can be a wonderful way.

You could even create a special area or box in your home or garden where you store these letters. Write down whatever you are feeling to the angels and ask for their help.

Remember that angels are already aware of the truth within your heart and soul. They will know the best route and outcome for your highest good.

Open yourself intuitively to any guidance that comes through in the form of signs, symbols, or new opportunities.

5) Sleep

When you are asleep you let go of the control over your conscious mind. And are far more likely to receive intuitive messages and ideas from your guides.

Ask your angels to come to you as you sleep. When you wake up in the morning be sure to jot down any dreams, memories, words, anything at all that you recall.

Be open to writing in a free-flowing way. Regardless of whether or not it makes sense at the time.

6) Create a sacred space in your home

It can be helpful to create a sacred space in your home that is dedicated to your angels. You can collect crystals, stones, angel figures, flowers, and candles and keep the space clean and tidy.

You can burn candles and leave your messages there as a means of communicating. Expressing your love and gratitude for their guidance in your life.

Have a constant reminder of the presence of angels in your home through your sacred space. You will find it easier to keep in sync with their frequency and may find it easier to hear their messages.

7) Make personal requests

You might be surprised to learn that you can call upon your spirit guides for specific things. If you are in the middle of a creative art project, you could request the guidance of an angel who had been an artist themselves during their time on earth.

If you are writing a book, call upon the essence and energy of those spirits who had been writers. Think of the angels and spirit guides as a team of wonderful helpers. are devoted to helping where they can. Many of these guides have had lifetimes on earth and have their own gifts and wisdom to impart.

8) Meditation


Quieting your mind on a regular basis allows ample space for hunches to occur and your inner vision to sharpen. When you meditate often, you are bringing awareness and openness to your mind.

It will make it far more likely for you to receive guidance from the angels. As angelic beings are so pure and light, their energy vibrates at an extremely high level.

For us to be able to receive signs and guidance, we too need to elevate our energy. The best and fastest way is through meditation. But generally living a healthy lifestyle with plenty of rest, relaxation, fun, and fresh air will drastically improve your energy also.

There are meditations that you can find online that are specifically tailored to helping you attune to your angel guides.

Learning how to interact with your angel guides is a wonderful thing, and through it you can feel more confident about your decisions in life.

When you know you have such a supportive, unconditional team cheering you on, even the hardest moments of life can seem manageable.

If you would like to learn more about the incredible energy of the universe and the powerful ways signs are sent to us to help us manifest our desires watch the video below.

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