How do you know if the Universe is guiding you?

Taking action is one of the crucial parts of manifesting your dreams and desires, the universe will guide you to take the inspired action and that will lead you to manifest your desires, the question I get frequently is that how do you know if the universe is guiding you?

How does manifestation work?

In a simplistic way the manifestation work in this way, you decide what do you want to manifest, you set your intentions to the universe and then the universe will give you clues and what action to take, you receive your manifestation.

So this is how do you know that the universe is guiding you to take inspired actions.

It feels good.

When it comes to the law of attraction, your feeling is key, what you need to do here is to find out how to you feel when taking that action? Do you feel angry, fearful, anxious? or do you feel good and happy? 

The way you feel will be your main indication of if you are taking inspired action from the universe or not. If the action is coming from the ego, there will be a sense of fear. But with inspired action, it just feels good.

It feels comfortable.

Imagine someone takes you out for a dinner, probably they want to date you, probably is a coworker but you never feel comfortable around this person, would you accept the invitation and go out with them? the answer is no.

When you feel very comfortable taking an action that is the sign that the universe is guiding you, next time you want to take an action, just check how do you feel, if you feel comfortable with it, then go on.

It is fun

Before taking any action ask yourself these two questions, it is fun? Does it bring joy to your heart? if not that means that it is not inspired by the universe.

It comes to you unexpectedly.

This has happened to me many times, you always go to a job driving your own car, but one day for no specific reason you want to ride a bus and boom, you meet this person and become the love of your life.

You always buy things in shop A because it is cheaper than shop B, but today you have a feeling that you need to buy from shop B when you reach there the same item is under promo 50% off.

These sorts of things happen to me every day, when you start taking unexpected actions it is a good sign that they are guided by the universe.

It comes from a place of allowing.

Another way to know that the action you want to take is inspired by the universe is that the action will come from a place of allowing.

This is when you set the intentions to the universe and you start focusing on other things then suddenly you feel like you should do something that is a clear indication.

Final words

That is how do you know if the universe is guiding you, how many of those 5 signs do you get frequently? let me know in the comment section below.