How to Get in Touch With Your Vision

What is your vision? I remember the day I was asked this question and to be honest, I did have an answer to it. Do you know your vision? In this post, I am going to share with you how to get in touch with your vision of what you want from life.

What is a vision?


Vision is essentially the ‘why’ behind your actions. It is why you are doing the items you are doing. It is who you want to be. It is the motivating force behind your behaviors. Without vision, you have no direction.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Action without vision is merely passing time, vision without action is simply daydreaming, but vision with action can change the planet .”

This suggests that so as to be truly effective we’d like a vision for our lives so as to drive our lives. It might sound sort of a challenge but developing a vision for what you would like out of life is simpler than you’ll believe.

What Do You Want?

One key to developing a vision for your life is to assess what you want from life. When considering this you’ll ask yourself questions such as: “Who do I desire to be?” “What is my ultimate goal for myself?” “What kind of statement do I want my life to make?”

These sorts of questions will assist you to narrow down what you would like for yourself. It’s also important to assess any outside influences (peers, family, media, etc.) which may have caused you to develop a vision that doesn’t align with who you’re. Ultimately, this is often your life and you ought to be the person calling the shots.

What Are Your Beliefs?

Our beliefs have a lot of influence on our lives. What we believe often informs our desires and actions, so it’s important to reflect on your beliefs and the way they impact the longer term you envision for yourself.

What you ultimately want may be a vision that aligns together with your beliefs, so you don’t experience internal conflict or a scarcity of peace. When your beliefs are accounted for and incorporated into your vision, you’ll ensure a future that brings you true joy and peace.

What Are You Passionate About?

The things we are passionate about are often the things we love to do and the things that bring us joy. Thus, it’s natural to insinuate that our visions for our lives would incorporate our passions in some manner.

Consider questions like:
“What makes me feel most at peace?”
“What gives me the greatest sense of fulfillment?”
“What brings me the greatest feeling of joy?”

Answering these questions will assist you to get those things that add value to your life and people things that allow you to precise yourself within the most authentic way.

What Are your Talents?

Often, the items we are talented at also are the items we are hooked into. But even in instances where this is often not the case, our talents can still help us establish a vision for our lives.

The logical thinking is that if you are naturally gifted at a particular skill you were given that talent for a reason and should consider how you might use it to feature value to your life et al.

What Matters Most to You?

This may be one of the foremost important parts of making a vision for what you would like from life. It goes without saying that what matters most to you is usually very closely tied to what you would like from life. If family matters most to you your vision for your future will likely involve having a family of your own.

If your career matters most to you then your vision for the future will likely center around professional achievements.

The point is that by narrowing down what matters to you, you can better outline what you want your life to look like.

So it’s time to urge clear about what you would like from life. The only way you’ll move beyond a vision and into actual fruition is to first clearly establish the life you would like.

In doing so you’ll be better equipped to develop goals that assist you to achieve your vision and you’ll be better motivated to remain the course when life tries to throw you a curveball.