How To Manifest Money Fast

Most people I know have money problems, most of the time they do not have any money to buy anything if this is you and you need to manifest money then it is your lucky day because today I am going to share with you how to manifest money fast.

Can you really manifest money fast?

Wondering if you can manifest money fast by using the Law of Attraction? The answer is YES. Even though you may not always be aware of it, you are constantly manifesting your reality.

You can use the law of attraction and affirmations to manifest money fast and here is how you can do it.

How to manifest money fast. 

Decide On How Much Money You Need.

Decide On How Much Money You Need.

The first step to manifest anything is to decide what do you want, in this case, you want to manifest money but you need to be sure what amount do you want, you need to be as specific as you can, for example, you can say I want to manifest $1000 to pay my bills.

Also, you need to avoid having too ambiguous goals, for example, you can say I want to manifest one million dollars in the next 30 days, if you never even made 100k per month, deep inside you know that it is impossible and that feeling will block your manifestation, so if this is the first time just have a small sum and when you get it, your belief will increase and you can manifest a larger sum.

 Get Rid Of The Limiting Beliefs

Since we were small kids the society had made us believe that having money is a bad thing. I remember my family telling me that money was the source of evil or some people were born in a good family and deserved to have more money.

These types of beliefs are still wired in your into your brain and they are the reason why most people can not manifest wealth or money.

You can get rid of these beliefs by using positive affirmations or by listening to subliminal messages.


Choose money affirmations to focus on daily.

As I said above, you need to change your beliefs about money and the easiest way to do that is to choose few affirmations about money and read them daily.

Some of the affirmations are:

  1. There is plenty of money in the Universe, and there is plenty for me.
  2. My mind is constantly attracting money into my life.
  3. My mind is in harmony with the energies that create abundance.
  4. I am attracting to my life opportunities for making money.

You can read more of these affirmations here.

The idea is to read those affirmations at least three times a day.

Raise your vibration.

People with high vibrations manifest things easily, for me there are three ways to raise your vibration.

The first way is to eat high-vibration foods, these are foods that will give you energy, fruits, vegetable, unprocessed meat, fish, etc. You should avoid eating low vibration foods like junk foods.

The second way to raise your vibration is by doing physical exercises, you can do yoga, you can go for a run or walk, it does not have to be too physical, the idea here is to relax while waiting for your manifestation.

The third and last way to raise your vibration is by listening to music, you know the music that can speak to your soul and make you happy.

You need to have a list of songs that raise your vibration and listen to them anytime you feel down or bored, you can do this on Youtube or any music app you use.


Visualize you goals

Visualize you goals

After setting up the amount of money do you want to manifest, you need to visualize having it, you need to see that money in your bank account. 

You need to imagine that you are going to the bank and withdraw that money, how do you feel? You need to feel it, how are you going to spend it, how would you feel if you did all things you intended to do with it.

The main reason for this exercise is that your subconscious mind can not differentiate between the real this and the imagination.

The universe will start bringing you ideas, people, and situations that will help you to manifest your goal.

 Take Actions that will lead to the outcome

As I said above, when you start to visualize your goal, the universe will do everything to make your dreams true.

You will start to receive cues and your intuition will guide you to take actions, how will you know that the actions you have taken a guided by the spirit? Here are 5 ways you will know.

Act As If You Are Wealthy

We all know that at this point that you do not have the money yet, but as part of changing your mindset you can stop behaviors of people who do not have money, for example, you can stop penny pitching, you can stop worrying about not having money, etc.

Imagine that already you have the money you need in your bank account, would you worry too much about it? You will trust that the bank will take care of your money, give the same trust the universe it has your money and you will get it.

Be grateful

Practicing gratitude changed my life, all I did was to say loud three things that I was grateful for each day after waking up.

You do not have money but you can be grateful that you can still breathe, you can read this post, you have somewhere to sleep, etc.

Just find those few things that are going well in your life and be grateful for them and when you have a grateful heart the universe will reward you by giving you more things, including money.

Give away some money

 Most people look at me with disbelief when I give them this tip, but this is a very powerful gesture that you can do to the person who receives it and to yourself.

I am a believer that blessings that you get from other people are stronger than the ones you get for yourself.

If you give someone let say $5 to buy a taco to eat, most of the time that person will tell you to be blessed or say something like GOD bless you.

Those kinds of words will open doors for you to receive more abundance and wealth.

So you might be asking if I do not have money, how I can give it to someone? If you can not help someone with $1 when you have $10, you will not be able to help someone with $100k when you make a million dollars you want to manifest.

This is the habit you need to start developing and the universe will reward you with more.

Final words

That is it this is how you manifest money fast, If do you want to manifest money fast in less than 24 hours please watch this video, it will show you how.