Manifestation: A New Way of Thinking

Manifestation is somewhat of a buzzword in society today. Everyone seems to be talking about it, writing about it, practicing it, or trying to implement it, but does anyone really know what it is? Manifestation is sometimes referred to as the law of attraction, or karma.

It’s the idea that what you put out into the universe, whether actions, words, or energy, will come back to you eventually (Hurst, K., 2012, July 8, What Is The Law Of Attraction? And How To Use It Effectively).

Thus, the idea is that in order to be on the receiving end of good things we need to be thinking and doing good things.

So how does manifestation benefit us and how do we incorporate it into our lives? Honestly, the manifestation is already at work in our lives, but most of us are unaware of this fact.

Thus, many of us are manifesting negative things and outcomes simply because our thoughts and actions are more negative than positive.

So in order for manifestation to work more in our favor, we have to be intentional about changing our thoughts and subsequently aligning our actions so that we begin to manifest good in our lives.


The first step of manifestation is visualizing what you want for yourself. Whether it’s good health, success, or love, you have to first get clear about what you want. Then you can begin visualizing what your life would be like with that thing in it.

Visualization moves you from simply desiring something to actively assessing how having that thing will impact your life (Bernstein, 2016).

Many people use vision boards as a tangible way to practice this concept. By consistently seeing the things you want in life and the impact those things will have on your life, you increase your level of expectation.


Once you have a vision of what you want and how your life would improve as a result, you have to believe that it can happen. It’s one thing to want something, it’s another thing to fully expect that something can come into your life (Bernstein, G. 2016, December 13, The Five Principles For Manifesting Your Desires).

More than that, one should consider moving from a thought process that believes it can happen, into a thought process that believes it will in fact happen for you. It is with this confidence that you can then attract those things you desire.


A final key to manifesting the things you want in life is to operate as though those things have/will happen. You might be able to visualize and believe, but it can be a challenge for people to operate as though the thing they want will actually happen.

More often than not, people do visualize and believe, yet they still make decisions that demonstrate they have doubts.

Operating as though the thing has happened or will happen demonstrates a level of confidence that is more likely to attract what you want in your life.

Through the principles of manifestation, you can attract a host of positives for the mind, body, and spirit. Active practice of manifestation can be linked to improved mental & physical health, positive friend & romantic relationships, and even success & financial prosperity.

Because manifestation is primarily about shifting the mindset and aligning actions and behaviors to match that more positive mindset, there is truly no limit to what you can manifest.

To develop a practical way to incorporate manifestation in your daily life and see what good comes unto you.








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