How to Use Meditation and The Law of Attraction to Manifest Anything

Many people who manifest things into their life use meditation and the law of attraction, you can do the same if you want to manifest anything in your life. In this post, I am going to show you how to manifest anything by using these two together.

What is meditation?

According to Wikipedia. Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm, and stable state.

What is the law of attraction?

The Law of Attraction is the idea that you would use the power of your mind to make your dreams manifest in your real and daily life.

 This is how meditation will help you to attract anything:

• Helping You Focus on Who You Are
• Relaxing Your Body
• Freeing You from Limitations
• Making Your Actions Purposeful
• Creating a Visual Belief
Meditation to Help You Focus on Who You Are
When you meditate, you quiet the world’s opinion of you. Throughout life, you have been told what you should be, who you are, and what you should become. 
Well-meaning parents, teachers, and friends try to point you in the direction they think you should follow. 
Unless you want to manifest someone else’s goal for you, you need to focus on who you are and what you want before you ask the universe to help you.
Meditation helps you focus away from negative self-talk and the desires others have expressed about what is best for you. 
It allows you to open your heart and yourself what you need.  You know yourself better than anyone else on this planet.  Meditation helps you focus on yourself and your desires.
Meditation to Relax Your Body
The University of Rochester Medical Center notes these physical changes in people who meditate:
o Decreased Blood Pressure
o Less Pain
o Increased Immune System Response
o Improved Mood and Brain Function
When your body is relaxed, your mind can focus on working with the universe to manifest your desires.  But if your body is full of stress and worry, it is difficult to allow your spirit to soar. 
Physical problems deflect energy from your heart and mind into finding solutions to make your body feel better.  Meditation helps to relax your body and release the stress that can cloud your vision and purpose.
Meditation to Free You from Limitations
The Law of Attraction states that like finds like, or that similar things are attracted to each other.  If your heart and mind are limited, your universal blessing will be limited too. 
Manifestation needs to be free of limitations, so you are open to the best of what your heart desires.  Meditation helps quiet the parts of your heart and mind that place limits on your success.
Your heart and mind may be filled with various forms of limitations.  Self-doubt, negative self-talk, poor self-esteem, and believing you aren’t worthy enough to receive benefits are all limitations. 
To fully manifest your desires, you need to trust that the universe will give you the best because you deserve the best.  Because of the Law of Attraction, limiting beliefs in yourself will cause your blessing to be limited too.
Meditation helps you focus your heart and mind on the moment as it is, not on the past for the future.  With meditation, your heart and mind are allowed to see you for the whole person you are, both good and bad, light and dark.
At each moment, you are worthy of the universe’s blessings, regardless of what happened before or what will happen in the future.  Meditation helps keep your heart and mind in the now.
Meditation to Make Your Actions Purposeful
Manifestation is a purposeful exercise.  During manifestation, you actively seek your desires.  Meditation helps you to use your heart and mind to request benefits of purpose, not temporary benefits for fleeting joy. 
Physical beauty fades, money can be lost or won, and youth is fleeting.  Meditation helps you ask the universe for purposeful desires that make your actions a benefit to yourself and everyone around you.
Meditation to Create a Visual Belief 
Mediation and visualization work together to help you manifest the best possible outcome.  Without a map of your true desires, the universe won’t be able to grant you blessings. 
Meditation allows you to see yourself as a whole being and as part of the best outcome possible. It focuses your attention on a visual belief for the universe to build. 
Your visual belief needs to be positive and productive.  The universe won’t grant selfish desires or desires that would harm another being. 
Using meditation to create a visual belief helps you see the outcome of your desires.  It allows you to be certain that your desires are in alignment with everyone in the universe.
Using meditation as a tool for manifestation strengthens your path to asking the universe for what you need and deserve. 
Mediation is a useful tool if used in service of the good and light.  It helps you control negative thoughts and actions that can limit your blessings.  

Final words

As you saw, meditation and the law of attraction work together. For me, the law of attraction is about asking to the universe and meditation is about receiving, when we calm our minds it is easier to listen and see signs from the universe and take the correct action.
Happy Manifesting