Money Attraction Tips

Most people want to attract money but they do not know how, in this post, I am going to share with you my 10 money attraction tips using the law of attraction.


Money attraction tips

  1. Be Aware Of Your Negative Beliefs About Money
  2. Build Your Money Magnet Mindset with Affirmation
  3. You Deserve to have money 
  4. Bless the money you spend
  5. Rejoice in Other’s Good Fortune
  6. Visualize Your Money
  7. Recognize Prosperity Everywhere You Go
  8. Give More to Receive More
  9. Be in the Receiving Mode
  10. Practice Gratitude 

Be Aware Of Your Negative Beliefs About Money

When you were a small child your parents, your teachers, and society in general planted an idea in your mind that having money is a bad thing. Do you remember the famous quote, money is the source of evil, or when you see a rich person they will tell you that person did something shade to get the money, and basically all people with a lot of money are bad.

You need to identify those beliefs and eradicate them from your life.

Build Your Money Magnet Mindset with Affirmation

The first tip was about identifying bad beliefs and eradicating them, in this tip you are going to replace those beliefs with new ones by using affirmations.

You can write down affirmations like:

I attract money

I receive money in different quantities from different areas.

I am a money magnet

I make money every day

You need to read those affirmations every day, three times when you wake up in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night before going to sleep.

You Deserve to have money 

You have to believe that you deserve to have money, most people believe that they do not deserve to have money, they believe this because they do not have a college degree, they do not have a high-paying job or they have a poor background. Some even believe that it is GOD’s will that they are poor.

I have bad news for you, If you do not believe that you deserve to have the money you will never have it.

Bless the money you spend

Most people get sad when they are about to spend money, do not do that when you spend your money be happy and bless it and believe that it will come back to you somehow.

You need to pay bills, you need to buy things that will make your life easier, so spending your money is not a sad action, actually, it is a blessing so you should be happy about it and be grateful to the universe that you have the ability to do som and the universe will reward you with more money.

Rejoice in Other’s Good Fortune

In the first tip, I talked about the belief that rich people are evil and most people who do not have money they tend to feel bad when they see someone with a lot of money.

You need to be happy when you see others win in life, they are not taking money that was supposed to be yours, there is more than enough in the universe to make all of us rich, so do not get sad or upset when you see other having good fortunes.

Visualize Your Money

Visualization is one of the most powerful money attraction techniques, you need to visualize as if the money you want to attract is already in your bank account, visualize how would you feel, what would you do with it. And the most important visualize that you have the money on your hand, how does it smell? feel that.

Recognize Prosperity Everywhere You Go

When you go to your work, school or mall, what do you see? poverty or prosperity? You need to train your mind to see the good thing that the universe has done.

It does not matter where you are from, there is prosperity everywhere you just need to train your mind to recognize it.

Give More to Receive More

I come from a very poor society, and most of the people there are always looking for help, this mindset has kept them poor for generations.

To change from the asking mindset to the giving mindset was one of the hardest battles I had to face in my life.

When you give more the universe will find a way to give you more.

Giving more does not have to be with more, it can be with time or just attention. If you give more customer service to your customer, they will buy more from you and you will make more money, the universe works in a mysterious way.

Be in the Receiving Mode

You need to trust that the universe will come through for you. You can create a bank account even if you do not have the money yet, this will affirm that you believe that money will come.

If someone offers you something even if it is very small accept it and thank them for their kindness, do not block any blessing from coming your way.

Practice Gratitude 

For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away. — Matthew 25:29

This is a line from the Bible if you have you will be given more and if you do not have even that small will be taken away from you.

Be grateful for things that you have and the universe will bring more good things to you, you might ask I have nothing, that is not true, if you are reading this it means you are alive, you have a computer or a phone, all of these are the things you can be grateful today.

Final words

Those are the 10 money attraction tips that you can start using today and start attracting money and abundance in your life. Thank you for reading.