29 Most Empowering Self Care Affirmations

In order to grow physically and spiritually, we need to take care of ourselves, that is why today I am going to share with you the 29 most empowering self-care affirmations.

How can positive affirmations change your life?

I get this question a lot, for me when you repeat positive affirmations to yourself each and every day, you will start to wire your brain and you will think differently, and when that happens your life will change forever.

29 Most Empowering Self Care Affirmations

Try using one of these affirmations each week to help you stay positive so you can continue to tackle your goals.

  1. I trust my body.
  2. I am a strong person with an exciting future.
  3. Life is a journey, and this is a step.
  4. I can handle it. Look at what I’ve already done.
  5. What I do is good. I am good.
  6. Being productive is not who I am.
  7. Change is human.
  8. I know I am capable.
  9.  I give myself permission to heal
  10. I let go of anything painful, any kind of disturbances, and everything that is holding me back
  11. I see my current situation as an opportunity to grow and become better
  12. I am willing to give myself the love and care I expect from others
  13.  I am kind and loving to myself and others
  14.  I choose joy and love every day
  15.  I am capable of unconditional love
  16. I am focusing on the positive today.
  17. My body takes care of me.
  18. The universe is looking out for me.
  19. I will make myself proud today.
  20. I am amazing.
  21. I’m not perfect, but I am
  22. I believe in my goals and in my true values.
  23. I am supported, honored, and loved.
  24. I can heal myself with true intentions in a divinely perfect way
  25. I am willing to be at peace with myself and everyone and I am free
  26. I love and accept myself
  27. I cherish every part of my body
  28. I take great care of my body and mind
  29. Every day I look in the mirror and say I LOVE YOU

Final words

Those are the 29 most empowering affirmations for self-care, my advice is to pick 3 to 5 affirmations that resonate with you and repeat them to yourself three times a day.

Happy Manifestation