3 Reasons Why You’re Not Manifesting Your Desires

Are you having a hard time with your manifestations? Have you been researching and following methods from well-known people? But still, you can’t seem to manifest anything.

So if this is you, you’re in luck because in this post, I am going to share with you 3 main reasons why you’re not manifesting your desires and dreams and how to can change that.


You created a BIG goal

We all have big dreams and ambitions, there is nothing wrong with that, but this can be affecting your manifestation powers in two ways.

Big manifestation will take time to manifest and before it manifests into physical or tangible things the universe will have to prepare you so that you can handle the big thing you’re expecting, so because this might take longer you might become a little bit impatient, and hinders your manifestation.

Another problem of stating with big goals is that it might create disbelief in you. Let say you do not have money to pay rent and do you want to manifest 1 million dollars, even though you set your intentions right deep down in your subconscious mind you will not believe that you can reach this goal.

In order to avoid this problem, I recommend manifesting something small first, when you see the result it will give you the certainty that you can manifest things and you will start manifesting even bigger goals.

You’re NOT DOING ANYTHING about it

Most people have this misconception that setting your intentions and thinking about them is enough to make you manifest anything.

This is not entirely true, after setting your intentions you will need to take some kind of action to make your dream goal come true.

It is not any type of action, it is inspired action, this is the action that will come from within, you know you are sitting at your home and you decide to go for a walk around the block, you meet the love of your life. You decide to buy a newspaper and there is an announcement about your dream job, you apply and you get it.

The universe will start sending you cues and intuition, do not ignore them.

You’re NOT TRYING enough, or you’re TRYING TOO HARD

As I said above, just writing down what you want to manifest will not make you manifest faster, you need to take some action but do not try too hard about it.

Imagine this, you have a garden and you plant something in it, you can not go every day and see if the seed is growing it something tangible, the best you can do is to water the garden and wait for the seed to grow.

This is the same with manifestation, you planted the seed, yes you can take some action to water it but you do not need to worry too much about it, do not need to worry about how just follow your intuition, figure out what the universe wants you to do and do it. you will manifest your dreams.

Final words

That is it, those are 3 reasons why you´re not manifesting your desires, I explained the 3 reasons and how you can change them in order to be able to manifest.

Happy manifesting.