40 Most Effective I am Beautiful Affirmations

We all want to feel beautiful, feeling beautiful can increase your confidence and hence increase the chances of you manifesting things you want in life. If you ever feel down, I compile some of the most powerful I am beautiful affirmations.

Feeling beautiful from the inside out brings a positive vibe and proof of confidence that not many people can claim

Do I am Beautiful Affirmations work?

Basically, affirmations are the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.

So when you say something and believe it, you will slowly shift your mindset into believing your words.

How affirmation can change your life?

I am a believer that we attract what we think about most of the time, repeating to yourself positive affirmations will help to rewire your brain and help you to manifest the life you want.

  1. I am beautiful in all ways.
  2. I am confident in all aspects of myself.
  3. My beauty is natural.
  4. I am confident in who I am.
  5. I attract so much beauty into my life.
  6. I am healthy and happy.
  7. I love me just the way I am.
  8. I am comfortable in my own skin.
  9. I like the person I am becoming.
  10. I love all aspects of my body.
  11. I see the true beauty that I am.
  12. I see the beauty within and without.
  13. I am beautiful on the inside and out.
  14. I am comfortable with who I am.
  15. I am 100% sure of myself.
  16. I am a natural beauty.
  17. I am confident.
  18. I am free of negativity.
  19. I find it easy to think positively.
  20. I can see true beauty in myself.
  21. I am healthy and attractive.
  22. I am beautiful just the way I am.
  23. I have an attractive mind, body, and spirit.
  24. I like the person I am becoming.
  25. I like the person I see in the mirror.
  26. Feeling good about myself is my natural birthright.
  27. I believe in who I am 100%.
  28. Others can see my beauty shine forth.
  29. I am worthy of seeing myself as beautiful.
  30. I am powerful to overcome all negative aspects that present themselves in my life.
  31. Each day my heart is filled with love, grace, and beauty.
  32. I am beautiful on the inside and out.
  33. I am a natural beauty.
  34. I know I have an attractive and beautiful body.
  35. When I look in the mirror I see nothing but pure beauty.
  36. Feeling good about who I am is my natural rite.
  37. I have an unshakeable belief in my beauty.
  38. I enjoy being beautiful.
  39. People are always saying how beautiful I am.
  40. People look up to me as a source of beauty.
  41. I am worthy of seeing myself as beautiful.

Final words

Those are 40 I am beautiful affirmations. I know you are already beautiful but sometimes you need to remind yourself how beautiful you are. You do not need anyone else validation.

My advice is to pick 3 to 5 of these affirmations that resonate with you, write them down and repeat them to yourself three times a day, in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night, before long you will start to see changes in your life.

Happy manifesting.